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A new insights partnership for DHBs

News 18 Feb . min read

Listening to people’s experiences, and acting to improve what matters most to them is. It’s key to making things better for colleagues and for patients. 

We are excited to tell you about a new partnership between AskYourTeam and A Kind Life by April. With a shared philosophy of involving your people for improved experience, performance and outcomes, the partnership combines New Zealand’s foremost kiwi-based staff feedback system with the most experienced DHB culture transformation team.  

At A Kind Life by April has a simple mission -  to spread kindness in healthcare. They have supported more than half the DHB sector, and 30 NHS Trusts in the UK, to create kinder, more values-led cultures. They’ve listened to many thousands of healthcare staff about what matters to them. And created a survey from the ground up that asks about what really matters to people. Seven DHBs have already led improvements from the insights they’ve generated. 

Bringing together AskYourTeam, and A Kind Life by April gives DHBs a unique opportunity to listen to what really matters, and drive action on what they hear, to achieve outstanding results. 

Find more about our full health survey portfolio and consulting services, please contact:

Jordan Stevens
Senior Sales Consultant

Tim K
Tim Keogh

Founding Partner
A Kind Life by April

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