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Start 2022 the right way - it's time to reinvigorate your organisation

While New Zealand and the world is experiencing a phenomenon called the Great Resignation, at AskYourTeam we like to think the glass is always half full. We’re focused on the Great Reinvigoration. 

Research in 2021 showed only about half as many people in New Zealand were committed to staying in their job compared with 2020.  It found the proportion of employees not considering leaving their jobs had halved, and people keen to change jobs had increased about 10 percent.

COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways, including the way people work.  People are now used to working from home and having some flexibility in their work routines. Some are disengaged, close to, or suffering burn out having taken on more responsibility over and above their current role and working at pace for a sustained period of time.   

There is also a tight, competitive labour market where employers are going head-to-head to attract and retain the best candidates offering better pay and more perks. 

Others have just reconsidered their priorities in light of the pandemic and are craving a better work-life balance. 

“These trends highlight the importance of taking a data-driven approach to determining not just how many people are quitting, but who exactly has the highest turnover risk, why people are leaving, and what can be done to prevent it,” Ian Cook, Harvard Business Review. 

There is also a tight, competitive labour market where employers are going head-to-head to attract and retain the best candidates offering better pay and more perks. 

So, we think there’s a great opportunity to reinvigorate workplaces so people want to stay saving time, money, and energy, on recruitment and training and most importantly holding on to that institutional knowledge that takes time to build. 

Reinvigoration transitive verb.: to give new or renewed strength or energy to (something or someone) : to invigorate (something or someone) again … 

AskYourTeam has all the tools you need to help you retain those all-important employees and it’s a very simple remedy – involve your people in the solution! 

  1.  Ask – Ask about the things that matter the most.  Provide an anonymised way for you people to have their say about what can be improved.  By giving people the freedom to speak the truth, you will uncover all of the pain points and root causes of why people are considering leaving.
  2. Listen – Listen openly to feedback from your people. We help you to bring together a combined view that enables you to address employee needs quickly and easily from all perspectives.  You can create an all-important baseline and prioritise areas for improvement.  Unlimited use ensures you can drill as deep as required, crowd-source areas for improvement, and most importantly, map out your retention strategy.  
  3. Act – Act on what will deliver sustainable positive change, create action plans, communicate back to your people, and then check back in on progress. 

If required, our highly experienced client services team can support you to customise your survey and help analyse the results.   

Get in touch today. 


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Date: 14th January 2022
Category: Leadership
Lisa Nairne
Lisa Nairne
Marketing Communications Manager
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