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Unbeatable insights for next level customer experience

Featured 20 Jan . min read

In today’s competitive environment, taking the time to understand your market is a must if you want to be successful.

It’s not enough to maintain brand loyalty based on good customer service or perceptions. To really imprint your mark, you need to do your homework and gain a greater understanding of what your customers’ wants and needs are now, and how these may change over time.

In an ever-increasing competitive landscape, offering a customer experience beyond their expectations is essential if you want to retain and grow your market share. Customers have a plethora of choices at their fingertips, and the resources necessary to educate themselves and purchase on their own, anywhere, and at any time.

For decades, successful leaders have used customer feedback for improvement and to measure change, but what if there was an opportunity to gain a higher level of insight, and take the next step for even greater results?

Research and evidence from Bain & Company show feedback from employees provides even more powerful insights than just market research alone, due to the high number of customer interactions they have. Your frontline teams can provide detailed and valuable insights into any barriers they see inhibiting your organisation’s performance.

When you bring these insights together and overlay the results with your customer feedback, you have the ability to gain an elevated, unique level of knowledge, providing the opportunity to take your organisation’s performance and customer experience to the next level, and leave competitors in your wake.

AskYourTeam’s unique VOICE suite can deliver this quickly and effectively from all perspectives. Our system ensures that the areas identified for improvement are based on facts, data, and evidence. And we have the expertise, tools, and support to turn findings into achievable action plans.

With our unlimited use model, leaders and organisations can drill as deep or as often as required, crowdsource ideas for improvement (which also lifts buy-in, ownership, and accountability for change initiatives). Most importantly our VOICE suite will help map and measure your customer experience journey.

Client results from this new VOICE suite have been game-changing. Feedback shows they are gaining broader views in a way that feels like a personal conversation, allowing any changes necessary to become truly customer-centric, enhancing brand loyalty. These new, unique insights have provided an ultimate source of truth with substantial benefits being realised.

It is no longer a question of: “how can I afford to capture the views of those who matter most to be more strategic about the customer experience we offer?” It’s far more: “can I really afford not to?”

If you’d like to find out how AskYourTeam’s Customer VOICE can add huge value to your business, contact us for a chat. We’d love to help.

Paul Ardin

Paul is AskYourTeam's New Zealand National Manager.

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