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Unleashing the power of AI for faster survey results and actions

After 12 months of rigorous research and testing, AskYourTeam is pleased to announce a significant product enhancement. It allows customers to generate top line user friendly analysis of their survey results, just minutes after completion, saving valuable time and resources.

Instant Insights with AI-powered Dashboard 

The real work with any survey begins once the results are in. With AskYourTeam’s Insights Dashboard powered by AI, it’s super quick and easy for clients to work out what their survey results really mean. In harnessing the power of AI to summarise data, AskYourTeam has automated a resource-hungry process, freeing up time that can be devoted to other tasks. 


Swift Actions for Senior Leaders

Senior leaders can receive a high level summary as soon as the survey closes, eliminating the post survey lag and quickly getting to the heart of what matters most in their organisation, while the survey is top of mind with everyone.  Rather than waiting weeks, and risk demotivating the workforce who might think that nothing is happening, top line results are just minutes away, thanks to AI and the clever folks at AskYourTeam.


Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

The Insights Dashboard pulls together survey findings and is prompted to summarise, categorise and suggest actions all based on the client’s data. It isn’t intended to replace the comprehensive and nuanced analysis provided by an AskYourTeam consultant, but it will give organisations a great time-saving jumping off point for where to look next to drive the change they need…all at their fingertips!


Keeping Data Safe and Secure

We understand the importance of data security, and (naturally) protecting clients’ data is our top priority. Personal information is protected and every precaution – from personal information removal, to tokenisation, and data encryption – has been taken to ensure data safety and security.


Future-proofing With AI

The Insights Dashboard has been in beta testing for some months, and it’s just the beginning of AskYourTeam’s journey with AI. We’re working on some exciting advancements that will enhance our customers’ experience even further, saving time and resources. 

Date: 27th March 2024
Category: Actionable Insights
Craig Whitcombe
Craig Whitcombe
Head of Product