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It's time to up the ante on employee experience

New Zealand is not immune from the Great Resignation. Large numbers of workers are resigning, and with the labour market tighter than a drum, those workers are not so easily replaced.

Through analysing almost 1000 offboarding surveys, we’ve got the inside track on what is driving people to leave, and how employers can take action to stem the tide and substantially reduce churn.

We’re all familiar with the term customer experience – and the knowledge that delivering a superior service to customers at every touchpoint and throughout the customer lifecycle is the key that unlocks the door to higher revenue, greater margins, and the holy grail, referrals.

Similarly, delivering a superior employee experience – EX - in the workplace is the key that unlocks the door to higher productivity, reduced churn, and a strong employer brand that affords you the pick of the labour market crop when hiring.

Our offboarding analysis shows that poor employee experience is one of three key themes unlocking the doors for people to walk.

So many employers have good intentions when it comes to doing the right thing by their people. Often work gets in the way, or managers simply don’t know what good EX looks like or how to deliver it.

Our offboarding analysis shows that poor employee experience is one of three key themes unlocking the doors for people to walk.

Employee experience doesn’t start on the first day of work, it starts at the interview. Everything an employer says and does contribute to EX and the impressions formed by your candidate. They will want to know about the company’s vision, values, and culture. Expect the interview to be two-way; it’s not only the candidate who is being assessed for fit; it’s you and the organisation, too!

Be sure not to oversell during the interview process and be clear about what the new hire can expect. A great onboarding can affirm pre-employment expectations, and a poor one can have candidates questioning their decision at the outset.

Starting the communication and feedback process early, with an onboarding survey, ensures that expectations (on both sides) are understood, and regular feedback - through 1:1s - helps team members to progress, far more quickly.

Be sure to prioritise those regular catch-ups. Regularly cancelling or moving those meetings, sends a loud and clear “You don’t matter!” message, that undermines relationships and damages loyalty and engagement.

Commit to making your workplace as good as it can be. Recognise that your behaviour as a leader sets the tone. Stamp out harmful office politics and bad behaviour. If you discover something, act on it and show that you are taking steps to make the working environment a better place

Our top tips to up the ante on EX:

- First impressions count and they start much earlier than you think
- Be clear about what new hires can expect

- A great onboarding process helps your candidate feel welcomed and get up to speed faster
- Share and ask for feedback through regular 1:1s and regular surveys
- Do not move or cancel 1:1s – it’s demotivating   
- Be clear about the workplace behaviours you expect, and quickly stamp out bad behaviour

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Date: 16th March 2022
Category: Employee Experience
Matt Ovenden
Matt Ovenden
Financial Controller
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