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Why resilience and mental wellbeing have never been more important

Most employees won’t put on a public display of their grievances for fear of being labelled difficult or missing out on future promotion opportunities, they simply take their frustrations home instead. And it’s a slippery slope into low job satisfaction and poor overall health.

They’ll sit on their feelings, putting a ton of pressure on their growing instability - and what happens next? Their wellbeing is at risk. If you don’t provide a platform for managing and supporting that, you risk blow-outs across your business and, more importantly, unmotivated and unhealthy teams.

Don’t let your people become a shocking statistic

TVNZ recently reported that suicide rates in New Zealand have never been higher, at just under twice our roads toll. That’s not to say that they’re all workplace-related, but toxic environments certainly play their part in dissatisfied employees which can lead to mental health challenges. Prioritising and promoting the wellbeing of your people will set a standard of positive contribution and people who have the strength and motivation to do big things - for themselves and your business. Your organisation will be a flagship for model employer behaviour, a place people want to be.

Provide for your people and reap the rewards

Promotion of wellbeing though, isn’t enough. Employers must follow through with appropriate programmes and services that truly support their people - and a ‘one size fits all’ approach won’t be enough. With the right research, you can implement support that creates an inclusive culture and reaches all employees, leaving them feeling that they’re valued and that they are able to make their mark. It’ll also help to remove societal stigma that mental health is a weakness, instead leaving you with motivated and productive employees who ask for genuine help when it’s needed.

Make  sure your organisation is future ready 

Build a culture of involvement for a foundation of adapting to uncertainty
and change.

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Developing strong, well-rounded, healthy people

Forward-looking organisations have identified four elements that need to be in place to promote mental health initiatives:

Organisations should lead and be crystal clear on the type of culture that promotes healthy wellbeing for everyone. Your end game should be building environments that promote meaningful involvement of your people; people who feel like they belong, feel their input is valued and who work together towards a common goal.


Date: 25th September 2019
Category: Wellbeing
Kelly Millea
Kelly Millea
Client Services Specialist
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